Concrete Security: Corrosion

One of the leading challenges to the security of your concrete is not a specific material, but a reaction. It’s a reaction that can come from many different sources, or a combination of sources. We’re talking about corrosion. According to the Portland Cement Association, “corrosion of reinforcing steel and other metals is the leading cause of deterioration in concrete.” Protecting your concrete from corrosion is the best thing you can do to improve and maintain its security.

How Concrete Corrosion Occurs

Various elements and materials interact with concrete on a microscopic level. As time goes on, that interaction leads to deterioration. As more deterioration occurs, the integrity of the concrete breaks, first showing as cracks. Eventually chunks of concrete break away, and the disintegration proceeds until the concrete is no longer able to serve its purpose.

Harsh chemicals and acids are primary culprits for concrete corrosion, but corrosion of the steel support structure within a concrete slab is the most dangerous. The steel acts like a skeleton, giving the concrete strength. When the iron in the steel meets acids, chemicals, or even water, the iron in the steel deteriorates into iron oxide, or rust. As the corrosion persists, the steel becomes weaker and may even changes shape within the concrete due to ordinary stresses. This leads to cracks as the steel flexes.

Prevent Concrete Corrosion

It’s much more efficient and beneficial to install epoxy coatings over your concrete floor at the beginning than to redo your concrete after a reduced lifespan. Epoxy coatings are waterproof, impervious to ultraviolet light, and resist spills of corrosive liquids and gases. They provide a seamless barrier to protect your concrete and its steel skeleton. Epoxy coatings are also customizable to give you the look and texture that best suits your needs, as well as an optional non-slip finish to make sure anyone in your home or business always has their feet firmly underneath them.

Epoxy coatings are the best option to provide security to your concrete floor, but they offer much more as well. To find out what epoxy coatings can do for your home or business in Reno and the surrounding areas, give Nevada Custom Coatings a call or schedule a free consultation online.

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