Concrete Security: Protection from Brewing Processes

In October of 2021, listed 23 breweries in Reno, Nevada. That count does not reflect the bars, restaurants, and other facilities that store or serve alcohol. Nor does it mention the home brews in garages and man caves. Truly, the Biggest Little City in the World knows how to keep the beer flowing! But any venture into brewing, storing, or selling alcohol requires a strong foundation. Concrete floors certainly meet that need. Even so (or dare we say, still), alcoholic beverages like beer, cider, wine, and spirits pose a risk for untreated concrete floors. Why is that?

Rot Gut for Concrete

To get the right flavor and texture in an alcoholic beverage, different ingredients need proper balance. Most beers, wines and ciders produce multiple acids in the fermentation process. Fermentation products therefore might contain any of the following acids, either from the original ingredients or as a byproduct:

  • Lactic
  • Citric
  • Acetic
  • Malic
  • Fumaric
  • Succinic
  • Formic

The list goes on from there. In addition, sanitation or cleanup efforts often involve solvents or other treatments that include acids, mixing with the ones from the brewing process. Any combination of these acids can corrode your concrete if left in place for an extended period.

The Risk of Corrosion

It might not be long at all before your concrete floor shows signs of corrosion. The porous nature of concrete allows acids to work their way deeper and deeper into the structure, eating away the material. Maintaining your facility is easier if you prevent this damage in the first place.
Epoxy coatings are the perfect coat of armor for your concrete floor. Being impervious to nearly all corrosive materials, epoxy coatings provide a seamless barrier to keep acids from eating away at your concrete. In fact, coved flooring options extend the offered protection to the base of your walls, making any cleanup efforts much easier. We also offer a non-slip finish with epoxy coatings, so any spills don’t end up with injuries as well.

Is your concrete floor ready for adding another brew to Reno’s reputation? Before you start, have Nevada Custom Coatings inspect the area you intend to use by calling us or scheduling a free consultation online. Let’s make sure your concrete floor is ready to withstand any spills or sloshes that inevitably are part of the brewing process. We’ll take an experienced look at the concrete of your floor and provide you with several options. That way, not only is your concrete more secure, but so is your brewing venture!

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