Concrete Security: Oil Protection

Concrete is a popular choice for building foundations and floors in Nevada because it’s strong, resilient, and durable. But even a secure substance like concrete faces substances that can compromise its security. The following series of articles on “Concrete Security” will discuss some of these materials and what can be done to protect your concrete from their influence.

Motor Oil and Concrete

You’ve likely seen cardboard spread over portions of a concrete driveway, or perhaps a layer of oily kitty litter. A leaking vehicle or a shade-tree mechanic project are usually to blame. People often use cardboard as a temporary barrier to keep oil from reaching the concrete, or kitty litter to absorb any spills that met the concrete. Because concrete is porous, spilled motor oil easily gets into the tiny holes and fissures in concrete. An oil stain that is left to sit easily becomes permanent, and no amount of kitty litter, scrubbing, or pressure washing will remove it completely.

Along with this, many types of concrete contain components that create acids when they come into contact with oil. Motor oil itself may contain additives that promote this reaction. Since concrete is an alkaline substance exposure to acids breaks down the concrete, destabilizing it until the concrete gradually breaks apart.

Cooking Oils and Concrete

Although motor oil is one of the most common fluids that a garage floor might face, many kitchens, pantries, and storage areas house food oils. These cooking oils pose a similar risk to a concrete floor, since they contain sulfur compounds. Sulfur is the key culprit in concrete decomposition. Some of these high sulfur oils include:

  • Avocado oil
  • Corn oil
  • Palm oil

These are just the most potent of the concrete damaging cooking oils. All cooking oils have the potential to make concrete slippery, unsightly, and less durable.

If you store or work with any oil over a concrete floor, it’s important to protect your concrete with a permanent solution, not kitty litter, oil pans, or broken-down boxes. Nevada Custom Coatings offers several options to secure your concrete from oil intrusion. The best options are custom epoxy coatings – fully capable of blocking all forms of oil, and even many corrosive liquids. We also offer nearly infinite customization options thanks to a combination of textures, colors, and patterns. To learn more about how Nevada Custom Coatings can protect your concrete from oil, give our office a call or schedule a free consultation online.

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