The Benefits of Coved Flooring

A cove is a sheltered inlet that keeps a certain area of water protected from heavy waves and wind. It keeps water relatively contained and controlled. Similarly, adding coved flooring to the base of your walls helps to contain spills and keep accidents under control. While an epoxy coating covers your concrete floor from one end of a room to another, coved flooring takes your epoxy coatings further, extending them up the walls as much as 18 inches.

Benefits of Coved Flooring

Adding coved flooring to your building protects the areas where your walls meet the floor. Liquids cannot seep underneath walls, protecting your infrastructure. Its epoxy floor protection continued up the wall without joints, seams, or crevices for liquids to invade. Cleanups are much easier, since liquids have nowhere to escape. Spills or rinses are corralled in a single area. Mildew and mold can’t grow inside the walls, improving the longevity of your building. Coved flooring has proved its value time and again for places like restaurant kitchens, locker rooms, brewery floors, and indoor pool areas.

As for traffic, epoxy coatings automatically protect your concrete from pathway erosion, and that same protection extends to your walls. Carts and pallet jacks don’t dent your drywall. Scrapes, scratches and gouges at wheel level are kept to a minimum.

Consider Your Coved Flooring Options

Is coved flooring a good addition for your concrete floor? Nevada Custom Coatings is ready to help you see the benefits of coved flooring for your Reno business. To find out more, please give our office a call. We’re happy to set up a free on-site consultation with you to get a better understanding of what protection your concrete floor needs. You can also schedule a free consultation here on our website.

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