Custom Designs for Attractive Concrete Floors in Reno

Reno and the surrounding areas are no strangers to concrete. This versatile material is used for roads, sidewalks, buildings, and other structures. Even so, it’s so commonplace that most people rarely take note of concrete. When they enter a building, whether they are conscious of it or not, their minds attach the floor’s design to the rest of the building. And the mind expects the floor to match the décor.

Does your concrete floor do that? Would you consider your floor to be an important part of your design scheme? If your concrete floor in Reno needs to come into line with the rest of your layout, be it your home or business, epoxy coatings are the top-tier resolution for this issue. Nevada Custom Coatings in Reno offers customizable options to bring your concrete floor up to your personal or professional standards.

Homeward Bound

Most people think epoxy coatings are great for garage floors, and that’s true. They protect floors from oil spills, stains, and scrapes. While doing so, they can also appease the eyes with color flakes, stripes, patterns, or logos, whatever your choice. But it’s not just garage floors. Epoxy coatings can stylishly match your kitchen walls or countertops, replacing that old linoleum. Are those ceramic tiles in the bathroom coming loose? Epoxy flooring never will. In fact, you’ll never have to clean the grout again!

Service Retail Establishments

Many businesses like hair salons and auto garages know the benefits of a seamless epoxy floor. Spills won’t stain, low impacts and vibrations get absorbed, and cleanup becomes much easier with epoxy coatings. With all the custom options, you can extend your color scheme and arrangement. Whether it be a checkered pattern, speckled granite motif, a glossy mirror-like finish, or directional lines and arrows, Nevada Custom Coatings works with you to give your floor the look it needs.

Entertainment and Dining Venues

If your business serves food, you understand how busy the kitchen gets. Foods and liquids move constantly and quickly. The last thing you want is a spill that causes a slip resulting in injury. Adding a non-slip finish to an epoxy floor in your kitchen improves grip, and the seamless surface makes any cleanups or hose downs a cinch. Epoxy floors also benefit night clubs, breweries, snack bars, and other places. The practical value of a non-slip finish works well with customized colors and patterns for your floor.

Nevada Custom Coatings Knows Flooring

Epoxy coatings offer protection and support – and they always look fantastic doing so. If you need to increase your ambiance, extend your artistic design, enliven your man cave or she shed, improve your auditorium, add safety to your locker rooms, enhance your showroom, or simply show off your creativity, we can help. Nevada Custom Coatings has years of experience and skill to meet your needs. Our variety of epoxy techniques and additional materials provide a nearly endless variety of designs, limited only by your imagination. Take a look at our gallery for a few examples, and then give us a call or schedule a free consultation online to discuss your vision. Let’s bring even more character to the biggest little city in the world with your originality and Nevada Custom Coatings!

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