Epoxy Benefits the Pharmaceutical Industry

Improving Concrete for Cleaner Work Conditions

Pharmaceuticals are a common part of millions of American lives. Manufacturing these medications requires facilities free from contamination. As a result, pharmaceutical labs go to great lengths to make sure their work areas are cleaned, sanitized and dust-free. To maintain a sterile work environment, a standard concrete floor needs improvement. On a microscopic level, concrete features pores, jagged edges and other formations that capture tiny particles. Dust and microbes can harbor in these spaces, making it more difficult to maintain a scrupulously clean environment.

The best way to eliminate this feature of concrete floors is to seal in those pores and rough edges with a protective epoxy barrier. Epoxy coatings provide a layer of durable, liquid resistant material that provides a smooth surface to repel and ease the clean up of spills or contaminants. Microorganisms and bacteria cannot find safe harbor. Dust has no place to hide. Cleanup and sanitation becomes much more thorough, reducing contaminants.

Patterns and shapes can be embedded into your floor during the epoxy application process. This means that if you need lanes or stripes to demarcate an area, or arrows or numbers to provide direction, these items appear under the epoxy. They become a permanent feature, not a strip of floor tape that comes loose or broken from time and wear.

Installing an epoxy coating on your pharmaceutical work floor is an excellent way to make the area a safer, cleaner, more sterile environment. For more information on improving a concrete floor within a pharmaceutical environment, please contact Nevada Custom Coatings via phone or here on our website.

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