Creative Epoxy Flooring for Nevada

In the city of Reno, as well as many other places in Nevada, it does not hurt to stand out and attract attention. Stores and casinos do their best to grab the eye of as many potential patrons as possible. That same tradition can add more subtle distinction to homes and businesses outside the realm of entertainment. Nevada Custom Coatings, a leader in epoxy flooring solutions, is a premier provider of transformations, proving that epoxy flooring is perfect for garages, commercial zones, and industrial areas.

Gyms Benefit from Durability in the Design

Easy clean-up and readily customized designs make epoxy flooring a top choice for gyms. Its durability withstands the rigors of heavy equipment and high-impact activities. Nevada Custom Coatings can modify the structure of your epoxy floor so that it’s softer and forgiving, or anti-slip for greater grip and safety. Epoxy flooring creates spaces that motivate clients to go to the gym and achieve their fitness goals!

Specialty Rooms with a Twist

From wine cellars to art studios, specialty rooms benefit greatly from epoxy flooring. In a wine cellar, epoxy flooring is a perfect fit for whatever levels of humidity and temperature that you desire. In an art studio, the floor’s resistance to chemicals and easy-to-clean nature handles spills and stains that are part of the creative process. Dust and other debris are easy to remove due to the smooth surface, and customizations in colors and textures allow your floor to encourage your artistic direction.

Epoxy Flooring in Commercial Spaces

The versatility of epoxy extends to commercial spaces such as cafes, retail stores, and salons, and any other kind of workspace. The seamless, smooth surface of epoxy floors make spills or accidents easy to clean, and it provides functional versatility for all types of rolling furniture and equipment. Check out our commercial gallery and see some of your options.

Not Just for the Garage

Our epoxy solutions are designed to help your property meet its full potential. Whether it’s transforming a personal space or revamping a commercial area, our team is equipped to bring your vision to life with high-quality, durable, and aesthetically pleasing epoxy coatings. If you’re in Reno or the surrounding areas and are looking to reinvent your space, consider an epoxy flooring solution that combines functionality with creativity. Reach out to Nevada Custom Coatings! Use our experience and skill to transform your space into something truly special. Give our office a call for more information or schedule a free onsite consultation using our online form.

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