Epoxy Paint or Epoxy Coatings – The Best Protection

In Reno you can enjoy historic settings, modern efficiency, artistic expression, and other opportunities to grow your experiences in many areas. Likewise, there are many options for flooring in Northern Nevada, and Nevada Custom Coatings provides you with the best in epoxy coatings for concrete floors, pathways, and patios. Granted, there are other options that appear to present a cost-effective alternative, like epoxy paint. But is It really a good idea to use epoxy paint instead of epoxy coatings? What is the difference between an epoxy coating and epoxy paint?

About Epoxy Paint

Epoxy paint is basically an oil-based paint with epoxy added to it. The epoxy addition allows the paint to adhere to surfaces better, and it provides a little more durability and resistance to weather. It also comes in a variety of colors, just like regular paint. It’s easier to apply than a 100% epoxy coating and is less expensive, so people tend to buy it and apply it themselves. Nevertheless, it’s still paint. It might be a viable option for walls, but it’s a cheap substitute for protecting concrete.

That’s why epoxy paint is prone to chipping and flaking off a concrete surface, as well as fading in sunlight. While epoxy paint benefits from preparing the concrete floor beforehand, that’s not considered a necessary step, so it’s nearly always skipped. Although it might offer lower costs in terms of money and labor, it simply won’t last much longer than ordinary paint.

About Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings from Nevada Custom Coatings are much thicker, more durable, and significantly better at protecting your concrete. Epoxy coatings provide a resilient surface that resists ultraviolet light and gouges, scrapes and chips. It seals over your concrete with a seamless barrier that protects from corrosive material. Thicker applications can even absorb some impact. Epoxy coatings are designed to take a pounding – and look great doing it – for a lifetime. They also allow you to express yourself with colors and patterns, created by a nearly endless combination of color flakes, micas, granules, and textures. They take a bit more effort to install, but they also remove many concerns over maintenance or upkeep.

Delegate the Task

Applying an epoxy coating takes more time, effort, skill and experience than applying a can of epoxy paint. Because of this, it’s rare that a person might try to apply an epoxy coating all by themselves. And in Reno, you don’t have to DIY! Nevada Custom Coatings has the expertise, skill, experience, and resources to seal and protect your concrete floor with epoxy coatings. If you’d like more information, we’re glad to take your call and answer all your questions. If you’d like an assessment, on location, please schedule a free consultation here on our website. We’re happy to help you make the right decision when improving or protecting your concrete floor.

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