Improving Larger Concrete Floors in Reno

Reno isn’t all about casinos, hotels, Hot August Nights and Street Vibrations. Reno is home to a thriving community supporting a wide variety of businesses and interests. Many businesses need reliable infrastructure to create, store, provide and display their products. Concrete is the most common material used for a strong floor in business facilities, but concrete is not indestructible and is prone to damage from busy activities. Epoxy flooring not only improves your concrete floor with protection and support but helps your concrete floor last longer. It also offers additional safety features and aesthetics.

Concrete Floor Protection

One of the main reasons why so many businesses in Reno opt for epoxy coatings is because they recognize the protection and support gained from applying it. For instance, epoxy molecules have a high level of cohesion. This resists impacts, punctures and vibrations. Even a thin coat of the material helps to absorb wear and tear from feet, wheels and tires. Falling tools or equipment cannot chip, crack, or gouge your concrete!

The seamless nature of epoxy coating leaves no place for allergens or pollutants to hide. Adding features like coved flooring protects your concrete from liquid spills and corrosion while simultaneously protecting the base of your walls. Adding a no-slip option protects the safety of your workers and guests, making sure they always have a firm foothold.

Longevity with Epoxy Coatings

Over time, untreated concrete under heavy use breaks down and becomes less durable. The microscopic landscape of a concrete floor is full of pores, jagged edges, crevices, and nooks. Untreated concrete floors might not last as long as the owner expects.

Epoxy flooring coats over your concrete like a barrier to the world. Its powerful cohesion means it stays in place permanently, making sure contaminants cannot get near your concrete. With epoxy coating, your concrete is protected by a long-term solution that lasts the life of your concrete floor. In effect, a quality epoxy coating protects your concrete and your budget!

Ask the Epoxy Coating Experts

Is an epoxy coating a good fit for your industrial or commercial floor? Nevada Custom Coatings is happy to apply our years of experience and skill to determine the best options for your concrete, whether it be epoxy flooring, concrete polishing, concrete overlays, or a simple concrete stain and seal. We offer free consultations to help you discover the best options for your circumstances. Give our office a call at (775) 772-8787, or you can request an appointment online using our convenient form.

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