Protect Your Neutral Zone

Unless you’re a fan of Star Trek or certain sports, you might not have heard of a neutral zone. Nevertheless, they are regularly used in various situations. A neutral zone is defined as “a buffer between the territory of two opposed entities.” A submarine airlock is a neutral zone. It allows people to safely transfer from a watery environment to an air environment, or vice versa, without either environment invading the other. The same is true with decontamination rooms. Hockey games have a neutral zone between two blue lines on the field, football features one between the two opposing lines, and Star Trek features a neutral zone that buffers the territories of governments.

Many homes in Reno and the surrounding areas incorporate this idea when traversing between the outside world and your home’s internal sanctuary. In most cases, it’s referred to as a mudroom. People use this room to take off their dirty, muddy clothes and footwear, and then replace them with clean, “indoor” wear. That way, they don’t bring unwanted dirt into a clean and tidy home. If their home was not constructed with one, many homeowners refit their laundry room, foyer, or a portion of their garage to act as a mudroom.

As time goes on, however, more and more dirt and grime build up in the mudroom, which means it needs periodic cleaning. If a mudroom has a tile floor, the grout is a prime location for mud and gunk that resists any cleaning attempts. This is therefore another area where the benefits of epoxy coatings shine. Epoxy coatings are a tough, seamless material. Nothing gets through its barrier to affect its bond with the concrete underneath. There are no cracks, joins, or crevices that fill with gunk. Add coved flooring to your epoxy and Nevada Custom Coatings can extend the protection of your mudroom beyond the floor and onto the walls, making a mild hose-down a viable option. With a no-slip finish, you won’t have to worry about losing your footing as you remove your wet shoes or snow-covered boots. We can even match the color, texture, or patterns of the epoxy coatings in your garage or kitchen to add uniformity to your home’s décor.

Mudrooms are a useful addition to any home or business, regardless of environment or climate, including Reno. If it merely has tile floors, however, your mudroom is seriously falling short of its potential. To help resolve this, contact Nevada Custom Coatings to find out how to upgrade the floor of your mudroom. You can look through our gallery for examples. Before winter hits, give our office a call or schedule a free onsite consultation to get detailed information custom-fit to your property. Let’s protect your neutral zone!

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