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When you hear the term “cove”, what comes to mind? Probably not a lot of places in Reno. Perhaps you think of Zephyr’s Cove on the edge of Lake Tahoe. The point is, unless you work in the construction industry, you likely don’t correlate a cove with interior floors. But coved floors prove their value time and again for restaurants kitchens, breweries, washrooms, pool areas, garage floors, and the like. So, what is coved flooring, and how can it benefit your concrete floor?

Protecting Walls with Coved Floors

Coved flooring is a seamless extension of your epoxy coating. It continues from the floor, covers the junction where the floor meets the wall, and then proceeds up the wall for a number of inches, even up to a foot or more. Coved flooring stops liquids from sneaking under your walls and causing deterioration. This is a huge benefit to any location prone to liquid spills or washes. Coved flooring also provides a protective barrier for your wall much like it does for your floor, making sure that bangs or scrapes from moving equipment don’t cause structural damage. This works very well for places using pallet jacks and carts.

Coved Flooring Styles

Although there are different versions of coved flooring, they are often categorized into one of three types:

Basic – your epoxy coatings are applied to the wall using a roller, painting it in place. This method focuses more on design and appearance that protection, but still offers a solid barrier that liquids and minor scrapes cannot get past.

Standard – the standard method gets applied using a trowel, like a plaster finish. The application sets in a thicker state than the basic method, providing stronger protection for your walls, corners, and junctions. With this method, a slight bevel keeps small liquid spills from reaching the corner.

Cant – a 45-degree slope is added to the coved floor, further protecting the junction between the floor and walls. Instead of settling near the corner, liquids flow away from the wall for easier cleaning.

Like epoxy coatings, coved flooring is customizable. Nevada Custom Coatings offers many examples of coved flooring in our gallery, and we are more than happy to answer your questions over the phone or in person. If you would like to find out more on coved flooring, just give us a call or schedule a free onsite consultation using our online form. Let’s see what kind of protection coved flooring will bring you!

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