Moisture Mitigation with Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings, known for their resilience and glossy finish, are a popular choice for durable and beautiful flooring. Beneath the concrete, however, lies a critical factor that can make or break the longevity and effectiveness of the foundation: moisture. Even in dry or arid climate conditions, if there is moisture in the ground, it presents a challenge.

Understanding Moisture’s Impact

Concrete, despite its solid appearance, is porous. It can, therefore, become a conduit for moisture from the ground below. This moisture, if not properly addressed, commonly leads to a host of issues ranging from efflorescence — an unsightly white powder that forms on concrete surfaces — to problems like delamination, bubbling, or peeling of the epoxy coating itself. Such effects on epoxy coatings occur when trapped water vapor creates hydrostatic pressure strong enough to lift or dislodge the coating from the concrete. This type of outcome is avoided by addressing any moisture coming up from beneath the concrete. This process is called moisture mitigation.

The Fallacy of Quick Fixes

The allure of quick, one-day epoxy applications can overshadow the essential step of assessing and mitigating moisture underneath the concrete. The market is rife with claims of one-day coating systems being the ultimate solution for moisture mitigation. Despite their promise of speed and efficiency, these approaches can fall short in environments like Reno, where varying climate conditions significantly affect underground moisture levels.

Professionalism Over Profit

The allure of higher profit margins may drive some contractors to recommend one-day systems, but at Nevada Custom Coatings, our ethos is grounded in quality and durability. Recognizing that moisture mitigation is a cornerstone of successful epoxy flooring, we prioritize the right preparatory steps over the convenience of expedited installations. Moisture mitigation often requires a more extended installation process. It may require leak testing to rule out damaged water pipes that are in or underneath the concrete slab. While this might take more time, the result is a flooring solution that stands the test of time, resistant to the common pitfalls of peeling and delamination that plague inadequately prepared floors.

A Trusted Partner in Flooring Solutions

For residents and businesses who want reliable floors in Reno, the difference between a lasting investment and a costly mistake often lies in proper attention.  Nevada Custom Coatings gives proper attention to moisture mitigation. As seasoned professionals, we are dedicated to delivering not just beautiful floors but floors built on the solid foundation of thorough preparation and moisture control. To discover more about moisture mitigation, epoxy coatings, or other related topics, browse through our website. You can also give us a call to discuss a specific topic or use our online form to schedule a free onsite consultation. We are happy to mitigate your concerns, just as we mitigate moisture.

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