Practical and Functional Epoxy Floors

The best way to protect and improve your concrete floor in the Reno area is with epoxy coatings. They provide a barrier to prevent gouges and scrapes in your concrete, they resist liquids or corrosive chemicals, and they make cleanup and maintenance much easier. Along with many other benefits, epoxy coatings offer ways to make your concrete floor more useful to your workers and your visitors.

Providing Direction with Epoxy

Many people enjoy the varied look of epoxy coatings. By adding color flakes, micas, or granules to the mixture, you can add texture and abstract patterns that appeal to the eye. But Nevada Custom Coatings offers more than aesthetic appeal. We can embed letters, numbers, arrows, stripes, or other patterns to help communicate or direct anyone stepping onto your concrete floor. Let your worker know where to park shop carts or forklifts. Let your guests know to “follow the yellow line” to get to the processing center, or you can permanently mark unsafe areas, so everyone knows where not to stand. Unlike decals, tape, or paint, which fade and wear out, patterns within your epoxy floor can last as long as the epoxy itself – that’s a very long time!

You might have seen something similar in hospitals or airline terminals. You might have even seen an epoxy floor with an embedded logo in the lobby of a Reno business or casino. Nevada Custom Coatings offers the same professionalism and elegant additions to the epoxy coatings of all our customers. Whether you want a marbled look, an intricate scene, a glossy finish, a durable floor that will take all kinds of pounding, or a combination of such, Nevada Custom Coatings works with you to accomplish your goals.

Let’s Discuss Epoxy Coatings

With so many customizations and varieties available from Nevada Custom Coatings, it’s important to clarify what you want your epoxy floor to look like, and what functional additions you’d like to see. A great idea is to peruse our gallery for inspiration, but an even better idea is to schedule a free onsite consultation. Our experience, skill, and years of training provide an excellent resource for making the most of your concrete floor. To find out more, please call our office or schedule a free consultation here on our website.

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