Prepare for Inclement Weather with Epoxy Coatings!

At the beginning of 2023, the Pacific Ocean surprised the West Coast. A rare “bomb cyclone” sent a series of “atmospheric rivers” toward California and beyond into Nevada. Many businesses and residential communities scrambled to compensate for the heavy rain and strong winds. After years of dry conditions and large wildfires, many locations experienced fallen trees and mudslides. For the people or Reno and the surrounding areas, we endured these effects around our homes and businesses.

Dirty water, road salt and, and ice that grows in concrete cracks leave their marks in garages and on driveways. If enough water soaks into your concrete, it can make its way to the steel skeleton, bringing on rust and corrosion. That can easily compromise the strength of your concrete floor. What can protect your concrete?

Concrete Coating Options for All Weather

The best option for concrete protection is one that offers uninterrupted protection against any inclement weather and all sorts of temperatures. Epoxy coatings fill that need! Whether you decide on a simple clearcoat, a textured pattern, or a custom-designed outlet for your artistic expressions, epoxy coatings provide a seamless, durable barrier over concrete foundations, paths, and driveways. That barrier keeps moisture and debris from creating stains on your concrete floor. Epoxy coatings even protect against scratches and scrapes. With a no-slip finish added, they even help to avoid falls in wet weather!

We’re Here to Protect and Beautify Concrete

Nevada Custom Coatings has years of skill and experience helping the residents of Reno and surrounding areas protect their concrete. If you want a sleek garage floor with grip, you can have one with epoxy coatings. If you want to create a mudroom that you can clean in a snap, epoxy coatings are the best option. Even if you want your kitchen floor to match your countertops, you can have that too with epoxy coatings. To find out more, give Nevada Custom Coatings a call or schedule a free onsite consultation here on our website. We’ll help you prepare for inclement weather and more!

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