Prevent Concrete Deterioration

Concrete dust is generally a hazard only when the original cement is in its dry form, or when the concrete is being cut, undergoing grinding, or is otherwise broken up. Imagine jackhammers and cutting saws at work and you can easily visualize the concrete dust flying into the air. When floating freely, concrete dust is a known irritant. While the daily amount released from a properly finished concrete floor is minimal, some factors can lead to advanced concrete deterioration. These are some causes implicated in concrete breakdown:

  • A concrete floor that did not cure properly
  • Excessive vehicle traffic
  • Excessive vibration or pressure
  • High amounts of carbon dioxide in sealed areas
  • Presence of corrosive or abrasive materials

Once released from the surface, concrete dust is small enough to be launched by air movement into the surrounding environment. This can result in watery eyes, fitful sneezing or coughing, and runny or stuffy noses. Frequent exposure to concrete dust leads to asthma or other breathing conditions. Preventing concrete deterioration is thus more than just a cosmetic issue. It is also good for health and safety.

Protecting Concrete with Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy coatings provide a protective seal over a concrete floor to prevent deterioration. Adding a layer of this seamless material absorbs vibrations while resisting corrosive gases, liquids, and other materials. It also protects your concrete from gouges and scrapes. Many companies in Reno and the surrounding areas use epoxy coatings for their garages, work floors, showrooms, warehouses, hallways and corridors.

Other Benefits of Epoxy Coatings

Adding a non-slip surface increases the safety of your floor. Coved floors contain spills or cleaning fluids within the workspace and away from walls. Designs and color options can convey information about the work environment.

But epoxy flooring offers another benefit: personal or professional expression. When you choose your epoxy coating from Nevada Custom Coatings, we find out from you what color, patterns, and style you want. With epoxy coatings, you can add full color changes, simple color flakes, micas or granules for texture, and color patterns. If you have a logo or favorite color palette, Nevada Custom Coatings is happy to add them to your epoxy floor. We can even give your visitors the effect of walking on water, or create a mirror finish to show off the underside of your show cars on display.

An epoxy floor from Nevada Custom Coatings protects you from concrete dust and protects your concrete from wear and tear for a lifetime. Not only that, but with color and pattern options limited only by your imagination, your epoxy floor always looks fabulous while doing it! To view some ideas and samples, simply take a look at our gallery. When you’re ready, give our office a call or use our online form to schedule a free consultation.

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