The Business End of Creative Epoxy Coatings

Many homes benefit from epoxy floors in the garage, the living room, kitchen, mud room, bathroom, laundry room, patio, or home gym. But the residential side of Reno and the surrounding areas is not the only place to benefit from epoxy coatings. Commercial sites also need to be clean, safe, and efficiently maintained. Epoxy coatings help to improve all those areas, and they look great while doing it.

Epoxy is Safe and Clean

The manager of any workspace wants does all they can to avoid slips and falls on site. Epoxy coatings offer no-slip finishes to help workers keep on their feet with a firm grip on wet floors. Epoxy floors seal in cracks and faults in the concrete, protecting its integrity. With a smooth, seamless surface, cleanup of liquid or dry spills becomes swift and easy, eliminating work hazards quickly.

Epoxy Installation for Businesses

When a facility undergoes a remodel, many phases typically overlap. If not managed carefully, the projects get in the way of each other. Epoxy coatings take little time to install, and in most cases, they are not dependent on other remodel projects to finish first. All that’s really needed is a concrete floor clear of obstacles and a few days to accomplish the task. In fact, once your epoxy floors are in place, it makes placing equipment and fixtures much safer and easier.

Commercial Customization with Epoxy

One of the best aspects of epoxy floors is the way they can be customized. Many commercial buildings benefit from information embedded into the epoxy floor. You can have indication arrows, boxed off areas, even warning signs or other directions to keep your worker and guests safe and on track. Some companies in Reno have their company logo embedded on the floor of their welcome area, impressing their clients. Epoxy floors have benefitted many commercial venues, such as:

  • Showrooms and display areas
  • Garages, repair shops, and manufacturing floors
  • Restaurant kitchens and bathrooms
  • Warehouses, shipping and receiving areas
  • Hospitals, clinics, and rehab facilities
  • Community pools, locker rooms, and health clubs
  • Sanitation or “clean” rooms

This list is certainly not exhaustive. Epoxy floors might be just what your facility needs. Perhaps you are merely looking to improve or add to the color scheme of your location, or maybe you’d like to protect your floors and walls from corrosive liquids. Nevada Custom Coatings can help with epoxy flooring. Give us a call or schedule a free onsite consultation using our online form. Let our years of experience provide insight on the many ways your concrete floor – and your commercial business – will benefit from the business end of epoxy coatings.

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