The Importance of Coved Flooring

What is Coved Flooring?

Part 1 of a 2-part Series

Coved flooring is a specialized technique that creates a seamless transition between floor coatings and walls. A feature like this provides numerous functional, hygienic, and aesthetic benefits, making it an important addition to your epoxy floor. At Nevada Custom Coatings, we recognize how important coved flooring is for ensuring long-lasting and efficient flooring solutions.

Coved flooring installs curved borders, or coves, at the junction between the floor and the wall. The method creates an unbroken surface that extends up the walls, forming a barrier that prevents liquids from penetrating into drywall or plaster. The coving can be as tall as a few inches or more. A commonly used analogy for coving is that it is like the lip of a dinner plate, restricting any liquids or food from leaving the eating area. Coving is particularly useful when floors are frequently exposed to liquids or traffic with hand carts and trolleys.

How Coved Flooring is Installed

Coved flooring is typically installed along with your epoxy flooring. The process involves creating the cove base on the concrete slab before applying the resinous layer. This ensures that the coving is seamlessly integrated with the rest of the floor coating. The result is a uniform, curved, edge-to-edge surface.

Why Choose Coved Flooring?

Choosing coved flooring with epoxy coatings offers a multitude of benefits. It ensures a cleaner, safer, and more durable environment. It works with functional needs and often meets regulatory requirements. It offers significant advantages when it comes to hygiene, safety, and aesthetics, making it a valuable investment for any facility. We will discuss some of these benefits in more detail in a follow-up article.

At Nevada Custom Coatings, we provide expert installations of coved flooring, tailored to your specific needs. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, contact Nevada Custom Coatings. Our team of experienced professionals will help you achieve the best flooring solution for your business.

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