Urethane Concrete for Protection and Renovation

Reno is home to a diverse span of industries. At Nevada Custom Coatings, we do our best to offer flooring solutions for any building geared for commercial use. That’s why we have urethane concrete as one of our options. This advanced technology provides a robust surface that withstands the demands of commercial and industrial environments.

What is Urethane Concrete?

Urethane concrete combines Portland cement with water, aggregates, and polyurethane. Polyurethanes are a series of polymers with significant tear and abrasion resistance. Polyurethane sealers are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas and exposed aggregate surfaces. It’s an optimal product for restoring concrete surfaces or reinforcing them. Urethane concrete is resistant to chemical exposure, abrasion, and high thermal variations. As a result, urethane concrete is a great option for areas with heavy machinery, strong chemicals, or extreme temperatures.

Who Benefits from Urethane Concrete?

Industrial facilities benefit greatly from the resistant properties of urethane concrete. Urethane concrete also works with added colors. It revitalizes floors by enhancing a current color design or creating a new one. Nevada Custom Coatings can help you decide if urethane concrete is right for your circumstances.

We Help You Choose

Urethane concrete is not the only way to protect the concrete floor of your home or facility. Nevada Custom Coatings is happy to offer a variety of finishes and treatments for your concrete floor. Our years of experience, training, and skill allow us to determine the best options for every case. That’s why we offer onsite consultations, so that we can get a good look and provide an opinion in person. Give us a call to start the process, or use our online form. Whether urethane concrete is a viable option or not, Nevada Custom Coatings will show you the best ways to protect your concrete and improve your work space.

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