What is Crazing?

Cracks are a common feature of concrete, but the most important question is how deep are the cracks? Some cracks form when the ground underneath the concrete settles, increasing tension until the concrete gives way. These cracks are often large, leaving the sides of the crack uneven, and typically require extensive effort to repair. Other cracks are caused by temperature related expansion and contraction of the concrete. Properly designed slabs have intentional gaps in them to allow for this effect, but without enough of them, cracks can result. These types of cracks can affect the structural integrity of the concrete.

Another type of crack is called crazing. If you someone refers to pattern cracking or shallow map cracking, they’re also talking about crazing. These fine cracks look like small spider webs, or a network of random lines. Some people liken the appearance of crazing to the ancient Japanese art of kintsugi, which repairs cracks in pottery by enhancing the flaws with gold-infused lacquer. But does crazing need repair?

Not Crazy about Crazing?

Crazing happens during the finishing process. As the concrete cures and sets, water in the mixture evaporates. If it evaporates too quickly, the surface concrete shrinks unevenly and pulls apart, and crazing becomes visible within the first week. Reno and the surrounding areas have a dry climate. That frequently causes quick evaporation of the water in concrete. As the concrete cures, crazing develops. But these fine cracks are merely on the surface, running no deeper than an eighth of an inch. That means the concrete’s integrity is still intact. As a result, crazing is often considered a strictly cosmetic flaw.

Covering the Crazing

When preparing to add an epoxy coating or finish to your concrete floor, we grind the surface of your concrete, significantly reducing any crazing. Once applied, our epoxy coating reinforces the integrity of your concrete floor, preventing the further developing of cracks due to crazing.

To find out more about crazing, or how epoxy coating can protect and improve your concrete floor, please contact Nevada Custom Coatings. We’re pleased to keep improving the look and feel of concrete in the Reno area. Our gallery has many samples of finished projects, and our office staff is happy to answer all your questions. To arrange a free consultation, you can set up an appointment with our staff over the phone or by using our convenient online form. We’ll help you find a protective coating that is just the right look for you!

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