Winter Protection for Dazzling Concrete Floors

You may see a concrete slab curing to become a driveway or home foundation during the summer, but you almost never see it happening in the winter. That’s because concrete needs to set in temperatures no lower than 50° Fahrenheit (10° Celsius). In many areas of Reno, Sparks, and Carson City, winter temperatures get lower than that, so most projects wait to pour concrete until the day and nighttime lows are above 50 degrees.

Winter Concrete Coatings?

Does the same hold true for epoxy coatings? If you opt for a durable, stylish epoxy coating for your concrete floor, driveway, walkway, or other surface, it’s important to make sure the temperature stays above 50° Fahrenheit so that the material bonds properly to the concrete surface. Indoors this is generally not a problem, but it does limit the viability of outdoor projects to certain times of the year.

Polyaspartic coatings are a very popular choice for winter applications. While they fall under the category of “epoxy coatings,” there are some differences. Polyaspartic coatings provide a protective layer of aliphatic polyurea that cures very quickly, and it does so at extreme temperatures. Professionals like Nevada Custom Coatings can install these coatings in temperatures as low as -30°, and they’ll still cure and set almost as quickly as in warmer temperatures! Polyaspartic coatings are so durable and reliable that they are often used to protect truck beds, liquid container tanks, and even bridges that endure sub-freezing temperatures. You can think of polyaspartic coatings as not only a suit of armor for your concrete, but a pair of thermal underwear as well!

We Can Get Your Concrete Covered!

No matter where you live in Reno, Sparks, or the surrounding areas, Nevada Custom Coatings has plenty of options to protect your concrete, and we can make it look dazzling in the process! We’ll happily provide you with the best options for your concrete as well as the best time of year to do it. We’re also glad to assist you in finding the best customization options for your concrete, so it’s as unique and expressive as you want it to be. To find out more, give our office a call or schedule a free onsite consultation using our online form. We’ll protect your concrete to the finest degree!

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