Coved Flooring Systems

Coved FlooringSome floors require a regular liquid wash or frequent mopping. Others see much splashing of liquids due to cooking, manufacturing or processing. When liquids soak into drywall or plaster, they cause damage with time. Thankfully, Nevada Custom Coatings provides an option that keeps fluids from penetrating — coved flooring. Coving continues your epoxy floor coating up the walls, creating an unbroken surface from wall to wall. Like the lip of a plate, coving keeps liquids from sliding “out of bounds.”

Advantages of Coved Floors

Coving has many advantages, especially for maintenance and cleaning and building longevity. This floor-level barrier preserves the strength of the structure and prevents the growth of mildew and mold. It simplifies cleaning by enabling wall-to-wall sanitation without concern for exterior finishes.

For questions about coved floors, please call Nevada Custom Coatings, or request a free consultation online. We’d be pleased to talk about how coving helps beautify and protect your home or workplace. Consistent, quick service is provided in Reno every week of the year.
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