Trowel Grade Epoxy

If Endurance is a Requirement

Commercial Epoxy FlooringTrowel grade epoxy is the ultimate concrete coat for thickness and endurance! For heavy-duty workshops, manufacturing locations, chemical plants, and factories, trowel grade coatings are optimal. They endure greater weight, corrosives, and traffic. If your floor faces much punishment, it requires a trowel grade epoxy coating.

With thicker coats comes added time for curing. Ideally, trowel grade epoxy is laid at temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, F or higher. Below that, and the epoxy, with its clear coat, takes more time to cure. Ordinary curing time is 8 to 12 hours for each coating. The final curing, when ordinary work can begin again, is after 7 days. Below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, F, trowel grade coats are best not tried.

Trowel grade takes significant experience and skill to install correctly. Nevada Custom Coatings has the teams and tools necessary to match the needs of any industrial or commercial property. For additional details about the installation of trowel grade concrete coats, talk with us online or by calling 775-772-8787 in Reno.
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