Workman wearing a hardhat and holding a clipboard is standing in the middle of an all white warehouse with white urethane concrete or epoxy coating.
May 30, 2024

Urethane concrete is designed for renovating and protecting both old and new concrete. Here we explain just what urethane concrete is, the benefits of urethane concrete, and how to know if it's the right choice for your project.

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A man stands on a concrete wearing jeans and brown shoes. In front of his feet are 3 arrows going different directions signifying his having a few different choices he can make. In this case, he is choosing between concrete polishing or epoxy coatings.
May 24, 2024

Should you go with concrete polishing or an opaque epoxy coating? There are lots of options and differences between the processes and materials typically used. Here are some factors to help guide your decision.

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Transparent shield icon with a checkmark floating above hands, symbolizing protection, security, and assurance in a white, blurred background.
March 3, 2023

Extremes in weather conditions can lead to damage and wear with concrete. It is important to make sure that concrete is protected from the elements with epoxy.

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